Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jake's 7th Lego Party!!

I have been gearing up for an upcoming party for Jake. He asked for a Lego party and for us to re-do his room. More on the room later but the Batman Lego clock is staying of course. :)

Has anyone ever noticed how HARD it is to find Lego invitations, Lego d├ęcor for parties? I bet like most themes he chooses, next year it will all be fully accessible at Walmart for every Lego party idea you can think of but then we will be on to the next adventurous theme ;) So far I made these Lego movie invitations

I found this adorable image at and edited through Picfont with our party information. On Amazon we got this adorable cake topper

Then I just bought yellow cups, red napkins, blue plates to keep with the colors of Legos. We will have the Lego movie playing :)
We ordered these Lego Sets at Discount Party Supplies.

It is the easiest and cheapest way to get figure sets. They are not true Lego brand but at around a $1 a piece, we made the sacrifice ;) The plan is to let each of the kids build their own set and race each other. :) It will double as a party favor and will have little loot sacks of candy to take home as well.

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