Monday, March 21, 2011

One stop Garage Sale

Good garage sales get my blood pumping. There is nothing more I love than going out at 1030 for garage sale hunts. You that point where people are wondering about hauling all the left overs and that dread starts to sink in? That point is when I swoop in and snag all my amazing deals. I know I may miss some great finds but I'm always happy with what I do find so it's well worth it.

This sale was fun, it was my last one before my sister in law went back home. She found quite a few good finds herself. The guy kept saying a $1 a $1 a $1 so I just started shoving everything I could find into a big box of boy clothes I decided to buy that was $10, then work out a price after.

People truly get excited when things like this happen cause they know a bunch of their "junk" is leaving and they won't have to haul it in. Perfect time to negioate.
Now this $10 box was HUGE filled up more than half way with boy clothes. I popped in spare fabric. I'm trying to teach myself how to sew so I just need stuff to mess up without losing tons of cash. An Anne Taylor polo, a Gap cardigan, Banana Republic top, Nine West shoes in new condition (YAY), Nine West White Bag, Leap Frog Toy abc toy, elephanti shoes for Charlie and a crystal dish! Then my sister in law stuffed in a huge pile of books, a wreath, a couple clothes and a basket full of golf balls.

They started going through all of it doing the $1, $2 game and before they got far I was like how about just $20 for it all? They quickly agreed. I think the heat just helped and they wanted it gone. We got it loaded up and were off. My sister in law gave me $5 for her items so everything you see is my deals for $15 :) woohoo
Check out my crystal dish swoooooooon ;)

Not a bad sale at all

My thrift finds at the VFW

On Saturday on my drive to Goodwill my sister in law and I spotted a huge sale going on over at the VFW :) The place was loaded with goodies. I should have stopped by at other sales in the past. The deals! Oh the deals! lol NIP Twister Game, NIP Turbo Jam DVD (I've been wanting to try this), and a cheese dome! I've been seeing cheese domes all over the blog world and can't wait to do something with mine.

So what are your guess on what I spent???? I'll give you a hint, $1! Yup $1 on all of it. I was floored when they told me my total. The twister game still had the $21.99 price tag on it. I'll be watching thru the summer for more sales there :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home is four walls around the right person

We got an extension!!!! I'm so excited. It's just for a couple more months but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We're both so thankful for this.

Justin has continued on with the job search it has been frustrating. I know something will turn up and hopefully it will be something he can make a happy career out of. At the very least something to get us through this huge transition.

I've taken to looking at whenever he gets job calls to check out the area...haha is it wrong that I do that? =P We definetely won't say no to any job because of the area but I'm so excited to be moving into a new home and hopefully bigger for around the same price our house costs now. Our area has very high prices since it is a military price so it's a supply and demand.

Home is four walls around the right person

I read this quote somewhere not sure who it's by but I LOVE it! No matter if our house is big or small it will be filled with love and the right well persons in my case. I could be without my babies, husband and Macgyver. They are my world.