Sunday, February 27, 2011

$13.77 finds!!!

I went to my new favorite thrift store and scored some amazing finds!!! All toys and stuffed animals were 50% off!!! I was all on board when I found that out. Game on for Robin

I was so excited to find this beach tent. Last year when Charlie was a newborn I was wishing for one of these. Turns out they go for around $30 and just couldn't find one at a price we could afford. This meant much less time at the beach for us. I can't wait til this spring/summer!!! I got this baby for $4!

The diaper bag with accessories was only $1 with the sale price. The doll, rainforest ball drop, baby einstein color octopus, infantino rabbit, leap frog telophonics, tonka bulldozer.

Spy that little pink bear? I had one similiar when I was little and my first birthday photos were with my bear. We're doing the same photo and poses for Charlie in the same dress! So excited :)

The doll stroller and doll were only $3 together at the sale price!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

On Valentines Day my son and I were kicked out of the house for an hour while my husband could us an amazing suprise meal. The most fabulous lasagna ever!

With the help of my little partner in crime I found some amazing deals.For $5.99 I found this saucer in mint condition! Only thing missing is the tray cover.

This one got me excited. $4.99 for this kitchen and it was packed with tons of food and a hot pink toaster, blender and mixer to make it all girlie. Even a working toy phone on top!

Valentines Day was a beautiful day and my husband made me the most gorgeous box.

I think he is the best find of the day though ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 am blogging

My head is swamped with thoughts right now. I can't even contemplate sleeping so blogging it is to cloud my mind with other thoughts. Yesterday Justin and me found an amazing thrift store on base! Oh where have you been hiding from me?????

Here is everything we bought for $13.50!!! Can you believe it? I can't! =]
So what is all in there? Well I consider these a steal b/c I'm an as is person. Being that way I prefer to only buy items that look new. Thrift shopping allows me to be picky where I otherwise couldn't be. If the women's shirts are all $2 why buy the walmart brand when I can get Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, j. jill, etc for the same price? Back to the items

  1. 9 Tonka vehicles + 2 tonka rd signs. These vehicles sell for $4.99ea at walmart and target

  2. A Brand new Large Whoozit! Both my kiddos have loved there whoozit items. This is by far the nicest "used" Manhattan toy I have found thrifting locally. It looks brand new!!!

  3. 2 electronic play phones

  4. Brand New Winnie the Pooh Happy Birthday to You Book

  5. Sesame Street Dictionary

  6. Puma Cosmetic/Wristlet/Pouch

  7. Bundle of fabric

  8. Baby Einstein Discovery Dragon

  9. Lamaze Octivity - This toy was the number 1 hit with both of my children, whoozit was no2 to this one. They are pricey but worth every penny. My kids played from birth til about 2 with this one!

  10. 12 rattles and teethers

  11. Edushape sensory ball ~ The little man had to have this ball to add to his collection. For .25 what's a parent to do :)

  12. 2 infantino animals the ones that vibrate

  13. noise maker manipulator

  14. NIP My vacation book for kids

  15. 3 bath toys.

  16. sz 13 Italian Leather dress shoes! These were $2!!!! I about died when I found them. It is much harder than you think to find size 13 shoes of any kind let alone nice ones not to mention at $2!!!! They fit Mr. Right perfectly. He wasn't too jazzed about them at first when he tried them on in the store to see if they fit. Cammies and Italian shoes don't mix. Once he got home though and tried them with jeans and slacks I think he got to see all the beauty I saw shoved deep in the back of that shoe pile. :)

I think this about sums it up. Remember I only spent $13.50 on the lot!!! Consider the brands and quality I'm so impressed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our baby girls awesome gift!

Check out this beautiful doll crib
and the matching doll high chair...

I'm in LOVE!!!!

My parents were wanting some ideas on what would be a great gift for our little girls upcoming 1st birthday. I found these on Amazon for an amazing price! While we all agreed she is probably a little to young to fully appreciate and play with the set it is something over the years she'll use more and more.
The plan was that they would get the high chair and for the holidays we would get her the crib set (yup the bedding is all included). My parents being the crazy grandparents they are decided to get both now for her. Charlotte sure is one spoiled little girl.
The best part is that it matches up with our daughter furniture in her room! We're all about woods matching. I love funky fabrics and things on the wall to make things more fun but beautiful furniture is a huge must for us.
I can't get over how pretty the whole set is. I think we'll both having playing with these for years to come (ha!).

Goodwill Finds

Tonight was one of those nights where I just needed to get out of the house. Justin decided to help me get the kids down earlier and I booked it right out. Now whats a 22 yr old mom of 2 to do on a wild Tuesday night? GOODWILL of course :)

Here are some of my finds. There were so many things I wanted to buy but I was trying to be resale practical since we'll soon be out of work (29 days and counting)

First find

  • NWT Rare editions dress $1.39

  • 2 GORGEOUS matching lamps $3 pair.

  • Vera Bradley Mini Hipster ~ New, mint condition $6.99

  • Jeep Jogging Stroller w/ipod hook up $19.99
Can't wait to see how these do :)