Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dumpster Finds

So this is the dumpster finds trash nights this week. In my favorite diving spot trash is picked up on Sunday nights, then near by me it is picked up on Monday nights. I am all about my trash!

I found many little baby shoes that looked as if they had never been worn, nike, air jordan, ralph lauren, and some brand called Maui Island. Yes, you spy a pair of Coach shoes in there. :) A tigeroo jumper, a playskool push and ride, a nerf gun, a fisher price construction set, a playboy purse, a canteen holder, a flashlight, a flower pillow and in the bag was an assortment of Fast Food toys. They looked like they ate out alot.

The next photo has a shower curtain in new condition, a full desert digi set w/both the hat and pants still in great shape. A pair of Rue 21 shorts, again in like new condition. A Charlotte Russe top.

My exciting find was this baby though

Who on earth would through an excellent looking Nine West bag? It looks like it has never been used. Hello dear friend, I'm glad I saved you from trash pile. You deserve a better a life.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday Garage Saling

We hit up a great garage sale on Sunday. Since Justin was in the hospital Saturday, he still had the itch to garage sale with me on Sunday. I thought he was crazy but he persisted (not that it took that much).

I looked at our local sale website and BAM! The perfect garage sale! The people stated that they had too much stuff from buying some storage rooms at auction and that things would be cheap because nothing held sentiment value. The winning words were MILITARY GEAR. :)

Well it turns out there really was not that much gear to be had. We did manage a few HUGE scores!

Now in the next two photos keep in mind that I only spent $30 on EVERYTHING. That right all of it. Talk about not caring and really just wanting things gone.

There were Aqualung Blade II flippers w/quick release, boots and goggles. I look up the prices on these items. The flippers sell for around $140, the goggles $60, and the boots $95. I can't wait to see how they do.

We also have a leather Duckhead purse, Janie & Jack baby clothes, Children's Place skirt, Rare Editions dress, and a Bitty Baby dress.

The next photo has a GG&G attachment w/sling, 3 under armour shirts, a brand new huge admin pouch, a pelican memory card case, a coach dust bag, nike airforce 1 baby shoes, another sling, Dark Knight Dvd, Baby Einstein Dvd.

Can you believe all of that for only $30!!!!!!! The pouch alone sells for $30 brand new. We also bougth two other movies from them, Ladykillers and The Untouchables. Jake had already long ran off with them before I could get them in the photo.

Alot of these things Jutstin will be using for work but man it is going to save us some big bucks.

We dropped by the local flea market on the way home. It was so over priced and the quality of most things were poor. I think after coming from a garage sale like the one we were at made it even worse lol.

I did find this pretty number for Charlie. A NWT Bonnie Jean Dress. My Mum is in love with Scottie Dogs and this reminded me so much of her. At $2, I couldn't pass it up.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last night was so chaotic. Things took a turn for the worst. Mr. Right was more than just sick. It turned out like the symptoms for appendicitis that I had looked up last night. We went to the hospital, it was confirmed and he went straight in for surgery.

Thankfully the wonderful doctor got him in just in time. The kids and me took him home this afternoon and everyone has been sleeping since we got home.

It's days like this that make me appreciate our family so much. The kids are so sweet and well behaved. While we waited for Daddy to be allowed to come home we drove around base. Right across the street from the hospital is the Senior enlisted base housing so the babies and me had to do some garage saling!

Baby A picked out a huge stack of books and he gave them $3 and a big smile. I love that he is so into reading. He got right back in his car seat and read through his books the rest of the ride. Dinosaur books of course :)

The next garage sale I found a Boppy brand pillow w/pea pod cover and a new Jenny Jump Up. She had them both marked for $2 a piece and took $3 for the both.

Last garage sale I picked up a Fisher Price Polar Coaster and Princess See and Say. I think the see and say will make a great first birthday for Charlie. It was $3 for the both. I guess 3 was my lucky number today ;)

After that I was out of cash and Justin was ready to be picked up. Things couldn't have been timed more perfectly :)

Trash to Treasure will be on tomorrow, right now I just want to go curl up with Mr. Right.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sick Days

Justin has not been feeling well since last night. We (the kids and me), took him to work and then straight back home. Everyone went to sleep and the lazy morning commenced. It was so nice to have cinnamon rolls for lunch with one happy husband, a frosting faced baby, and the other baby gumming away at a roll :) Charlie is so eager to be just like her brother.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best Dumpster Deal of the Week

This morning was wonderful. I took Justin to work with the kids at 5. He had formation then some wait time so we drove to the beach and watched the sunrise. Jake was all about getting as many seashells has his little hands could hold. Charlie was content sitting up on her own on the dock next to us. She is quite determined to not lay down again. Guess she wants to stay 10 steps ahead with no steps back.

On to the stuff everyone is dying to know about...garbage!

I found this out on the curb for trash I was excited! I took Jake's carseat out and popped this baby right into the car. Obviously he was tucked away sleeping at home with Daddy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

No more diapers!

At least for Jake. He has taken the big task on himself. I've been persauding him to get on the potty for about a year now but this past week he has decided to take off diapers and but new ones on by himself. While this is totally fine, he is doing this after each tiny wee and we're going through a lot of diapers!

I think when a little man can literally change his own diapers, it is time for no more diapers.

We've had a couple wet underpants but nothing terrible *knock on wood*

One of my dear friends told me having two kids both in diapers was easy and not to stress on potty training Jake when I was pregnant with Charlie. I really wish I had not listened to that advice. It sucks! I'm so excited to only have to change Charlie's diapers now.

Don't get me wrong. There are many baby and childhood moments I will miss but changing diapers, especially dirty ones are not something I will miss at all :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

For some reason this past weekend and this weekend garage sales were scarce. I eneded up on base and found killer scores.

Justin's older sister introduced me to some gorgeous baby clothing. I was hooked from the embroidery and beautiful design. Well I managed to find some in Charlie's size all for $5!!! The two halloween costumes I bought for re-sale but the dresses are mine, I mean Charlie's until she outgrows them.

Brand were little lindsey, nanette, goodlad of philadelphia, and some others. While I loved all the name brands and pretty frills, I could not resist the cute pink and white oshkosh coveralls.

The next garage sale was filled with more great deals. I bought believe it or not all these clothes for only $3. Everything is by New York & Co.

The shorts alone retail for $34.95 each brand new....

Some is for me to wear, lately I've realized almost everything I own has paint spots on it somewhere :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Comes to an End

Vacation has been great with the hubs home. We had a great time with family visiting and bonus we were able to do alot of home repairs/upgrades before and after they left.

When I say I usually mean Justin. He does most of the repairs but me nagging along the way to make sure it gets done counts for something right? ;)

One of my favorites is the shelves he built. We got the wood for free off the side of the road. Removed all the old nails and the corkboard was already in our garage when we bought the place. No what use to be in a huge mound is now all organized with a place even for Jake's outdoor toys and bikes. Yes, he has two. One is too big for him right now so it is hanging up and the other is a trike on the floor.

Here's Before

Here's After

Another big one was this crack we had in the wall. It has been there since we moved in over 2yrs ago. Never got bigger, just stayed the same with its big ugly prescense. When I changed the color in living room, I decided to paint around it in hopes that the uglier it was the sooner it would get done. It did... :)

Have I mentioned how perfect Justin is?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Jake had his playmate across the street coming over today. It is so cute seeing two little boys running around the house playing pretend and attacking the train table. Boys and train tables whats the deal? I wouldn't have minded if Charlie had been a boy but I am so thankful she is my little girl.

Hope everyone has a great day!