Sunday, January 30, 2011

The future and EAS

These last couple weeks have been a whirl wind. While I promised at the start of 2011 to write on here daily I have failed miserably. Not because I don’t have things to say believe me I have plenty. I wish to write of happy things and crafts and lately I’ve just been down. As the date to EASing out the marine corps comes ever closer to my husband I feel lost. I know that God will not just let us fall down because we have two adorable children to support and two precious puppies.

The lack of plan and only a general direction to shoot for has me waning. I’m a planner always have been, I slowly have stopped planning as I became more of a military wife. Semper Gumby right? Well as EAS starts looming it’s big ugly head closer I feel more like a dried out Gumby.

Hopefully soon things will start looking up.

The kids are doing great. Our 3yr old self proclaimed Bumblebee (from transformers) is keeping us wildly entertained with all the new things he is doing. His speech is getting better every day. I decided to set aside time each morning right when he wakes up to work on pronouncing different words and the improvement has been dramatic. He’s such a quiet guy that prying words out of him is difficult but we love out little bumblebee

Hurricane Charlie is the complete opposite of her brother. She has a scream that peels paper but the cutest and sweetest look on her face as she screams that you can’t help but smile. She has 6 teeth in now! Still very little hair but our princess is almost one. I’ll be posting up details of her birthday as it gets closer.

That’s all for now. Please forgive me for not written. My mind is such a mess but maybe forcing myself to write everyday will help me to figure everything out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Man we had a surprise attack of the in-laws! We're loving having them here and the kids are digging all the attention.

Tomorrow the guys are going to start some minor this and that house repairs in preparation of us getting out of the miltary. I can't believe we have less than 60 days. When honey was deployed it just seemed so much further away but with him home we're both feeling the rush.

We haven't decided yet if we'd like to rent it out (our area in relation to base is ideal) or just outright sell. Anyone have thoughts? Its a 3bd with a double entry big bathroom and cute as a button

I haven't slacked off a day yet! I just started lifting light weights to get the tone. Really feeling the crunch and loving it! Hopefully work off some of that arm jelly soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Being Lazy and Working Out

Today was amazing! My husband surprised us early in the morning by tip toeing into the house to surprise us. I woke up because I heard someone roaming around and I so shocked to see him J I knew the date was coming up but not exactly when. He gave the kids little kisses since they were still sleeping as we just hung out till they woke catching up on all the photos we both had of what the last couple months had been.

Jake FREAKED out when he saw his Daddy! He went into our room to get me up and going like usual and the look on his face was priceless. He let out a big “Daddy!!!!” yell and jumped right on Daddy’s chest J
Charlie had a different approach. She is such a lover and sweetie but she was still like who is holding me???? She was only 6 months when Daddy left so we have to cut her some slack ;)

The rest of the day we just spent hanging out and I cooked and amazing turkey dinner with all the fixings and we opened presents since Santa was waiting for Daddy before he came by. Odd as it may sound I feel just completely relaxed since my husband has been home. He brings calmness to everyone around him and I just love it because I bring the chaos ;)

Got my workout in after the kids went to sleep. I ran for 20 minutes, did 500 crunches, and 250 squats! I don’t think I’ve done a squat since high school gym. Thankfully that was only a couple years ago but still far to long ago. My goal is to get a workout like this in the morning and the evening. Can’t wait to see those pounds start to just come right off.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My heart is Home from Afghanistan!!!!

Wonderful news!!!!
My husband got home from Afghanistan this evening. We’re so proud and happy to have him safe and home with us No more deployment!!!!!

Ran 2 miles today and did 500 crunches woohoo