Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Photos

I'm so excited. The kids and me snagged an awesome deal with some great photography. I always am checking out our local yardsale site, they have all sorts of amazing deals and the good ones go quick.

I paid only $15 for family photos! Thats right only $15 and I'll be getting a cd to print as many photos as I like. This is a great deal. The photographer, Amanda Lee Photography, was wanting to expand her portfolio so she was offering a great deal. I was able to get a few family shots, the kids solo and together and halloween pics!

Below is our photo preview. We love it so much!

Sweet Baby A is almost 3 and Baby B just turned 8 months. She is finally wearing size 2 shoes. I know the precious tiny feet! Baby A came out wearing size 2 shoes and was in size 4/5 at 8 months. Baby A is potty trained (officially accident free) and wearing his big underpants with no accidents.

I'm going to be printing some off and sending them to Mr. Right.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Progress so far!

Well it has been a couple weeks since Mr. Right left now. Things are slowly getting settled into a new groove.

On the bill front I have made some huge progress. Our electric bill has been cut by 60%!!!! Our water bill has gone down some mainly due to not washing all those cammies everyday. We're working on getting our cell phone bill lowered. Our plan will be up soon and we're going to be looking at other providers to suit our needs. Most of our friends pay only $100 or less for their couple plans. Its embaressing how much more we have been paying especially since we don't have a cool iphone or something similiar.

Things are looking up and the babies are adjusting. Baby B threw a tantrum for 48hrs after her Daddy left. She had never been without Daddy since she was born and did not like it one bit. Baby A is our little trooper. He kisses Daddy's photo every night. It's so cute because he tells him to be say, that he loves him, and night, night.

We're so proud of you, baby!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Home Front

I'm proud to announce no one has died of sugar overdose and the dogs have been fed. It's been a wild couple days getting used to all the adjustments.

So far savings are looking good. I have only spent cash on paying the electric bill. My focus is to save as much as possible from this deployment. We really want to upgrade to 4bd home with a shed/workshop in the back for Mr. Right to do all of his projects. To do this we'll need at least 20k plus whatever our house sells for. Right now we have no idea of where we would like to move to. I'm really pushing for North because I miss the snow and he is pulling for as South as possible.

We plan on accomplishing this by spending virtually no money minus what bills cost and whatever Mr. Right needs to buy while in country. I'll be doing some reselling to clear out the clutter we have. This will also make moving much easier. We're doing small holidays. Only one gift for Hanukkah and one gift for Christmas.

Since Mr. Right has left I have been burning up with an itch to do some home repairs. His leaving was really unexpected from the time we thought we had needless to say, I am left with a kitchen with all the cabinets off and 7 month old and an almost 3yr old. Yikes!

Some projects I would like to do are
1. The Cabinets (any Mum out there is nodding yes)
2. Tile in the bathroom/laundry room space
3. Quarter round that has been waiting over a year to be put down
4. Touch up painting

I am torn as to what to do with the cabinets. I'm debating doing them all white with bead board accents to match the front of the island or staining all the cabinets a warm mahoghany color. Either way we are going to be putting down a dark speckly top. I'd love to do granite but we can't afford that. I'll be checking out some local Habitat for Humanities before making my ultimate decision.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Squirrels end up with millions because they put the nuts away, not because they make lots of nuts.

I read this quote on a msn money article. I love this quote so much. It rings to true to our life. We have alot of friends that make 50K++++ more than we do and they have deep financial woes while we have little.

Life has become tougher since last year with some personal events that happened to us including my husbands pay being cut in half. Ways we save money are buying NOTHING new. I mean nothing with the exception of groceries. If I ever find a way around that I'll let you know. I go dumpster diving, reselling our things as we no longer need them, learning to cook, and strict budgets.

It is amazing the good trash people throw away. I have come across tons of new with tags clothes. We've been blessed to find tons of toys and clothes (for our kids and for us) that we can use. We've turned some into rags. We try to salvage what we can and make it usable for us. We found a huge kitchen table that we used to host some events outside. Eventually it got caught in the rain so we posted it for free on Craigslist. It was picked up within the hour (love that site).

Clothing has been a huge stress relief. Mr. Right's cousin and Aunt have been so great. They have passed on clothes that have been outgrown for both Baby A & B. I can't even describe how nice it is to find a big box at the door full of clothes for them. Everyone knows how spendy it can get with two kids under 3. They constantly outgrow clothes. I would say this has saved us a good $1000 or more on each little punk. Big thank you's go out to them.

I resell everything we have that we no longer need. My husband and me used to have a bet about things we were going to trash. We'd post it up for $5 on craigslist, 9 times out of 10 it would sell by the end of the week. If not we post it back for $3. After that we'd trash it or post it up for free. We recently changed out our living room furniture because our sofa was in need of repair we couldn't afford. I sold the set for $600 then bought a leather sofa for $100 of craigslist and later a nice Broyhill chair at a yardsale for $10. Doing things like this really ads up. Our living room looks more gorgeous than ever and I saved big time on redecorating.

Learning to cook has been a huge process and very profitable. I received a huge set of cookbooks from my Mother-in Law that I use all the time. My sister gave me a book on Jewish recipes that is my favorite cookbook out of all the ones I own. I used to believe you had to buy peanut brittle and that it could only be made in a factory. I call that one of my blonde moments. Lately I've started counting calories. I hope to lose 50lbs while Mr. Right is deployed and do it the healthy way. My whole family will benefit from this. I haven't told Mr. Right of my plans, I think it'll make for a great welcome home surprise for him :)

We stay on really strict budgets. We make less than 2k a month and have a mortgage of $894. After you had in bills like electricity, water, trash, and Internet, we're left with the rest of pay for groceries, things we need (not want) and to put some into savings. While it is not reccommended to have a house that costs you so much remember we bought this house well before we had the giant pay cut. We have looked at other houses to save but to find one with the same we have space now is more costly. Renting is our of the question because we have two dogs, a basset and a beagle. Any home that allows pets in our area cost more than we pay on our house including bills. So for not we are stuck, we watch our budget really closely so we have some cushion built it otherwise we'll live pay check to pay check.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It seems like lately if it's not one thing, it's another. I thought we were done with the Marine Corps. Now not only are we not done but Mr. Right will be leaving soon and possibly (most likely) re-enlisting.

I sell things only to have the money spent on junk instead of being set aside for our future home down payment. Frustration that I feel is an understatement of how I really feel.

Frustrations selling a gorgeous NWT Bonnie Jean dress on ebay for only 99 cents. My head was literally screaming BOOOOOOOOOOOO with thoughts of I do not want to ship this running through my head. I have not had any luck with Ebay so far.

Feeling lately that I'm just a dreamer with unrealistic dreams. My farmhouse and my wishes for future are to be put aside. Everything is once again on stand still. It's like going across a trapeze wire, making it across to only realize you have a whole other side to go on.

Feeling so down right now. I hate it when Mr. Right leaves.