Thursday, September 9, 2010

***Cloth Diapers***

I have officially began to use cloth diapers. I guess I'm an old school mom in a lot of ways. Toys that are made of wood or fabric are my faves. Any toy that truly sparks imagination. I don't care if it's turning an old shoe into a phone. I love seeing my kids be all about it and having fun. Not so much into the video games. Ones for babies and toddlers just baffle me. Do we really need to get infants one step away from playing Call of Duty? Lol that's another tangent, for another day.

Main my point was I NEVER thought I would be using cloth diapers. Not in a million years. But with a huge pay cut that happened to us a few months ago and two kids in diapers. Something needed to be done....

So....I went thrifting today. I found 2 Bummis diaper covers with something called a Snappi for $8. A homemade, brand new cloth diaper for $5. Then at Goodwill I hit a home run I felt. 39 cent diaper/burp cloths. Snatched up everyone one of those sucks I could find. A pack of 6 cost around 12 to 15 dollars at the local stores here. I plan on using those as inserts for the Bummis diapers. Lol I sound like I know all about this things but honestly I don't. I went home and looked up on youtube to learn about the Bummis diapers. I apparently got the Super Whisper which work great according to youtubers.

Baby B is now on her third and hopefully final change out for the night. Baby A, I put in the all in one, homemade diaper. I figured it would help with the potty training process. I guess we're still in that mood since he is taking off his diapers and peeing all over the bed. Ugh. I'm infatuated with the fact that he has not once ripped off this home-made diaper yet. Lets hope this infatuation turns into LOVE.

Oh and I also looked up the snap. I don't know how well it works yet. It looks so weird! Basically the idea is using pre-folds like the gerber ones I picked up today with out any pins or snaps. The Snappi hooks on three different places on the fabric and instant diaper. I don't know how well this is going to work with Baby B since she grabs at everything and Baby A, I know better than to try something like that...

I've also bought some crazy cute Gdiapers off ebay (my first purchase, YAY!). I'll let you know how those go.

Seriously how could I resist those cute ruffled diapers?

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