Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bummis Cloth Diapers & Snappi

So my first diaper purchase I feel was a bust. They were pretty cute and basic. I looked to youtube to figure out how to use the snappi. I think those things would be great for a newborn but a mobile baby? Not so much. Baby B would rip hers right off and go peeing around while crawling.

Snappi = No Fun!

I did like the concept of the snappi and it is pretty cool looking. The retail price for things are currently 2.97. Fairly reasonable but I think they would be best suited for a newborn (non-mobile baby). They do a great job of keeping the diaper together once you figure out how to use it the right way. While youtube helped, it was mainly trial and error.

Now the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper & Bummis Super Brite

Differences between the two was actually the lining on the inside. The material and size seemed to be the same. The Whisper wrap has a fabric lining where the Super Brite lining is super shiny and plastic like. There is a thin/mirco leg gusset on the inside of the super brite.

Functionally they seemed to preform the same. I did not notice the leg gusset in the Super Brites to make any difference. These cloth diapers I did not like with my chunky legged baby. Baby B was within the weight limits but her chunky thighs made her need the large size instead of a small or medium. They both used pre-folds. Over all they were a good set of diapers. I didn't care for the fit. They seemed cheap but they were functional.

I ended up reselling these on ebay (thats another story). I didn't make a dime but I got my cash back at least.

Currently we are trying out gdiapers so be on the look out for that review

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