Monday, March 21, 2011

My thrift finds at the VFW

On Saturday on my drive to Goodwill my sister in law and I spotted a huge sale going on over at the VFW :) The place was loaded with goodies. I should have stopped by at other sales in the past. The deals! Oh the deals! lol NIP Twister Game, NIP Turbo Jam DVD (I've been wanting to try this), and a cheese dome! I've been seeing cheese domes all over the blog world and can't wait to do something with mine.

So what are your guess on what I spent???? I'll give you a hint, $1! Yup $1 on all of it. I was floored when they told me my total. The twister game still had the $21.99 price tag on it. I'll be watching thru the summer for more sales there :)

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