Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Becoming a Follower of Jesus and all our Blessings

An Amazing Day
Life has been blessing us so much lately. I recently found my path was with Christ. I’ve spent most of my life searching for what I needed. I thought I had found that in Judaism until I met my husband. He opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and always accepted me for how I am. Over the past 4 ½ yrs the pressing light has come more clear to me that Jesus had my heart and I needed to turn my life over to him and his good graces.
On April 6th 2011 I made my confession to my husband Justin to become a follower of Jesus. Now I must admit I’m a head strong person and had been so adamant that I would probably never become a Christian that I was nervous has heck to tell him. Took me two months. Ha
Justin being the patient and loving husband that he is took this in great pride and was so happy about my confession. I really don’t know what I was worried about haha just me being my worry wart self. I guess I figured he would laugh and think I was just joking. He took me seriously though and helped lead me my way.
That evening we were traveling and stopped in a hotel. He said he need to go get something and when he came back he had a gift for me. It was a beautiful rhinestone cross. Justin helped me put it on and I haven’t taken it off at all yet. I love this necklace so much! I love everything it represents, how beautiful it is and it’s made all that much more special that my husband gifted me something so perfect and beautiful.
This coming Sunday, I’m to be publicly baptized at the Enon Baptist Church. We’re not sure if we’re going to stay with the Baptist denomination as we move. But we LOVE this church. They are so welcoming (TO ALL), the sermons are amazing and the Sunday school rocks! We will be moving in a few weeks and our main goal is to find a church just like this one wherever we move. No church is perfect but this one is the right for us being able to say that about a church is a blessing in itself.
The kids are doing so well. Charlie is smart ass a whip, we think she’ll be doing laps around us soon. Jake is loving his marble track and configuring all the different ways to make the marbles go through. Justin and I recently celebrated 4 wonderful years of marriage. We may have our ups and downs but through it all we are always at each others side. I could never have asked for a man as understanding and perfect in everyway for me. God really knew what he was doing when he made me into a match just for Justin. MacGyver has been shedding like a wild man enjoying the warm sunny days that North Carolina has blessed us with. That’s all for now. I’m going to go grab a tall glass of sweet tea and enjoy playing in the yard with the kiddos

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  1. Robin!!! Im so happy to see you are doing well! Where did y'all decide to move to?