Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Arrival of The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch made her first arrival today with new Halloween treat bags, a baggie of goodies and her letter. Her letter tells of how all she can eat is candy because it helps keep her a sweet switch witch and the more candy that is left for the better present she will leave behind. :) The bags were easy to put together. The orange treat bags were from the Dollar Store. The bat bags are from Hallmark but were a garage sale find. The books, coloring packs, the pumpkin bubbles, and crazy glasses were all from Target. Roughly $3.50 each complete set, not bad for the Switch Witch. Jake has already proclaimed he will leave a full bag so she stays nice because she is like Santa. Charlotte, I'm sure doesn't quite get the concept but will enjoy the present tomorrow. We will all enjoy the no cavities and plan on boxing up the candy along with some other goodies to send to one of Justin's old unit in Afghanistan. I hope every has a wonderful Halloween with few tricks and many treats.

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