Sunday, April 8, 2012

Organizing the closet

Here is a quick closet update. When I unpacked I mainly threw things that had been in our tiny hall closet at the old house into this closet. No real ryhme or reason. The top shelf has decor items without a home currently but that I would like to keep. We sold nearly all of our furniture prior move so end table lamps are now homeless. The bottom has our bed linens which will be going on the bed after the frame is assembled. Nothing like a little motivation right?

I plowed through the DVDs and made a nice kids movie resale pile. All without scratches and cases intact. I went through a kick 1.5yrs ago buying Disney lots off eBay and these are mainly the duplicates or rejects from the lots. Another pile is empty DVD cases. I found another 5 after the picture was taken. The last pile is a nice stack of Christmas CDs. I removed them and will add them to the attic Christmas box. Score was quite a few CDs are unopened so I plan on incorporating them with gifts this year.

A quick orangize and purge and we are left with more empty space. I don't have any plans of running off to fill the voids just enjoying the back wall ;)

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