Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jake turns 5!!!

I can't believe it was 5yrs ago today that I gave birth to a little man who changed my life forever!
I wanted to start 5 off with a bang so Daddy and me snuck into his room to turn it into a birthday extravaganza! Streamers all over the ceiling and balloons all over the floor. :)
Few hours later there squeals of delight and a breakfast run. For lunch went to Costco and got 1.50 hot dogs and the birthday got to have soda. He choose sprite so no caffeine crash right away. We had a play date with Jake's best friend. Then Daddy came home with pizza and the legendary Batman cake. Seriously there has been mention daily of the Batman cake to be for the last 365 days. I think we could have gotten away with just the cake for Jake's birthday. We did presents though. Batman presents of course! Grandma and Grandpa scored big with Jake with a Batman wallet and our first crime fighting nerf gun!
After some of the sugar buzz wore off we got all the blue from the icing washed off. Walmart buttercream stains everything but its so good on a birthday. :)
Happy 5th birthday Jacob! We love you!!!

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