Thursday, January 3, 2013

Front Room or Formal Dining?

Hi y'all! It's been awhile since I wrote and I'm going to be blogging alot more in 2013 so gear up for daily posts!! After some heavy antique shop browsing today in Memphis I'm left with a strong longing for a front room. I can't remember my Mom never having one, she still does to this day! We have a really nice house with a somewhat awkward layout particularly in the living room. That's for another post, another time. Off entry we have a dining room. We have one long table now that is currently in the kitchen so this room is without purpose and become junking looking spot of stroller and military gear. Yikes! I need to get on that!
I've started with placing my antique secretary desk in the nook of formal dining room. It's been awkwardly placed since we moved here. Before it was in Charlotte's room but a 2yr old and my beloved desk were not playing nice together so I rescued it when we moved. I do plan on putting it back in her room when she is older but this works for now since I can't find a china cabinet to my liking to fill this space. Since moving it into it's nook, I keep visualizing this room as a formal room with a piano over here
We plan on the kids taking lessons when they are each 6 so I have a few month's to save til my oldest is ready for lessons.
Two chairs by the window and a settee underneath the wall of frames (the frames will be leaving). Starting to visualize with me? ;)
The current lighting is placed center for the room but the pillars are not center with the light. Yet another reason it drives me crazy when a table is in there because either it is off center from the pillars or off center from the light. Even if we found a round table I think it would still be an issue. I think possibly putting a long rectangle light with our long rectangle table would help but the there would be no room for a piano there. You can see from the front door straight into the living room so I'm undecided if making the dining into a formal room is completely pointless.
So what do y'all think should I keep the hunt up for another dining set or start looking for a parlor set?


  1. I love your house. Can you do a blog post with pictures of every room so I can take a tour?;-)! I like the idea of the chair and settee by the window. Definitely Pinterest and you can come up with some awesome ideas. If you need me to come down and help you plan it this summer when I'm in STL, just let me know. And thanks, btw, for the Christmas presents. I was in the shower when the UPS guy came and hear all the squeals of excitement when the kids opened them up. We really appreciate it:-)!

  2. Thanks girl! Glad the kids liked everything. That car design book just looked cool. I'll slowly cover all the rooms and changes. Keep looking :)