Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day in Bacon

I've been trying to get better on actually doing things that I Pinterest, when I came across man Valentine's I was hooked. After alot of browsing I decided to try my hand at a Bacon Bouquet. I got two bunches of roses from Walmart for. 97 each last payday and this payday I got a $2.59 pack of bacon. The plan was to do as many tutorials say about drilling holes in muffin pans so the grease drips in a pan below. Well at 5 am I had no interest in drilling holes into my fought hard to get muffin pans. I looked around at what else to do and found our old pizza pan full of all those little vent holes.... duh why not just use that. Sure it made me feel a little less DIY but how often would I used drilled out muffin pans (wasteful!) So I just wrapped the bacon placed it on the pizza pan and a casserole dish underneath. No grease in my oven and they all stayed up fine. Take a look at these beauties :) They were well received by my honey after realized I did NOT go and buy myself flowers like he thought I had lol For the kids I made simple goody bags of frosted animals and learning books. I'm not big on them being sugared up. Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

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