Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spray Paint the Ugly Away

Do you ever find things you love but hate the color of? Or they simply don't match your other decor. I'm a person who hates multiple finishes. I am more than okay with two but that is my Max for a house. A house starts to look junky with multiple metal finishes.
I made a trade two years ago for two over the door signs. This one is able to hold a wreath. I'm sure back in the day it looked great. I had stuffed it in our attic and forgotten about it until we moved to TN. I was really hoping to make it work in our new home. I used rustoleum's bronze spray paint. I didn't prime it just a good scrub down and two light coats. Much better don't you think?
I am in love! I think it looks so much classier. The white gave it a cottage feel and the faded gross later just made it look like a trip to the trash can was needed. This is much more my cup of tea.
My wreath was a 2.99 Goodwill find when we lived in NC. I paired it with a Pier 1 bird from my Mum. What things have y'all brought back to life with spray paint?

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