Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Honey's birthday

Honey turned a sweet 26 today! I just love birthdays and even more when they involve my honey. He had asked for a low key birthday and that is what he got. Just the kids, me and a whole lot of love.

Now that the littles are growing up it is so fun to sing Happy Birthday and take part in little common activities. I splurged and got him a small Cheesecake Factory cake.

It was so good that we both had an extra piece!

His birthday gifts were a little random. He had asked for new socks so new socks he got and a thankful for Dad book from the littles. I found a cast iron bulldog opener at the Pottery Barn Outlet here and a much needed facial hair trimmer. My sister sent cigars and his parents sent a lil check that he will be putting towards saddle bags for his motorcycle.

Happy birthday to my love!

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