Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guest/Craft/Office Desk

I love this desk we found at a garage sale last summer. Technically my husband gets all the credit because he is the one who actually stopped. I passed by it while rushing home with two hyper kids in tow and was calling him when mid buzz he called with the news of his new found desk. $100 later and some back pain we had moved the solid wood desk into the smallest bedroom out of our 5 and it was over powering.

The plan was for Honey to use the room as his office but a hop skip and jump later he received an amazing job offer and no longer worked at home. We couldn't decide what to do with the desk so we moved it into the empty room that it is currently in and made the smallest room a guest room. Some furniture moving later the trundle was moved into the empty room and was shaping up to be a new room all together.

I LOVE this desk. Honey still uses it some but I'm the one who crafts, writes short stories/poems and handles all paperwork coming in and out of the house. My seahorse candle stick was a gift from Honey this past year for my 24th birthday.

The other candlesticks are from my sister-in-law, Jenna, they were originally chrome in two different tones. Spray painted to match I love them. I love the bottle ship lamp (still need to grab a shade for that), it was a white elephant gift Justin got at Thanksgiving 2012.

The top shelf has a driftwood crafted box Justin gave me. A fake plant from my Mum. A photo from our 1yr anniversary where we had our big wedding.

I just love how this room has come together and on a great budget thanks to some many hand me downs and repurposing things. It's quickly turning into one of the most often used spaces in the house. Tomorrow I'll show the secret nook in the room. :)

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