Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday Boy & MIA

So I've been MIA for the last few days. It has been a busy last few days. Baby A turned the big 3 and his Nana was visiting for the event. She always makes it a point to be here for his and Baby B's (birth)days. They are going to grow to love and appreciate that just as much as I do.

Birthday boy had so much fun telling everyone how he was 3 now.

To get ready for his birthday, Mr. Right and I had started prepping in the summer. Baby A is dino obsessed like most 3yr old little guys.

Here's how we did....

The Melissa & Doug Jumbo Puzzle *new & sealed* $1

Various Dinosaurs totalling to $5 for all. Didn't get a good pic of all these but there are over 12 and many were those big imaginext ones.

Then our crowning jewel for his party took some digging. I am all for posting wanted ads all over Craiglist and local yard sale sites. Time and time again I find something we'd like to get in the store but its too much for our budget. I go home and post a picture of the exact one I want and how much I will pay. More often then not I have an email within the day with someone who has the item and in more cases than not they ask for even less than I have posted to pay!!!

Well his Jewel was this bad boy.....

He retails for $129.99 at almost all the big box stores around here. Jake's "My Parents Rock" price $30.

Yup you read that right $30. Barely played with too. The lady I bought it from had bought two for her nephews but they cannot be played together due to frequency issues so this dinosaur was just taking up space in her closet.

Its worth noting that at the garage sales we bought enough things to resale to cover the costs of what we bought. So Baby A essentially got free toys including spike. :) Nothing beats that.

We love you kiddo, can't believe your the big 3 already. So proud of you.

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