Saturday, November 6, 2010

Garage Sale Find!

So today was FREEZING out. They also were doing the veteran's day parade so garage sales were slim. I was suprised by how expensive things were too. I guess it's Fall and they know people are planning for Christmas. I did manage to find one amazing score! Baby A has his big 3rd birthday coming up in a few days.

His party is going to be Dino themed. We got all sorts of great gifts over the summer. I will do a post after the party with all our deals. Its unreal!!!

Anyways I spoted this Fisher Price Garage w/little people vehicles and people. I just saw it and it screamed 3 yr old!!! The lady was asking $10 and I got her down to $5!!! I tried to play it cool and hide my glee. My two yr old upon seeing it as I opened the car door let everyone know just how wonderful it was. The people we bought it from couldn't have been smiling bigger. Really who couldn't smile at a 2yr old seeing an awesome toy and then realizing it's theirs?

Thats the only deal I got today. I plan on giving out board games this year. Mr. Right has a rather large family so giving out gifts that we think the whole family can enjoy are how we chose to deal keeping a budget but still letting everyone know we're thinking about them and giving them something they can do together. Last year we did the 4 dvd holiday pack from Walmart.

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