Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday was chaos but the people were amazing. I decided since it was really warm out to try out Black Friday lines at ToysRus. I met alot of really nice girls. The kids all got along and had fun with each other waiting in line. I'm officially a Black Friday junkie :)

Not only was everything wonderful but we snagged some great deals. The kiddos are only getting one gift each for Hanukkah and a new book. I was able to buy most of their gifts for next year.

Here are our deals.

1 Transformers Helmet $9.99 regular price $39.99 (This will be our son's 4th birthday gift)
4 Disney Collection books $5.99ea regular price $15.99ea. The plan is to give both baby A & B one book each and then one for their birthdays next year.
FREE Coloring Book & 64ct Crayons. This was the Black Friday deal at ToysRus. We're going to use this as rewards for baby A.

After ToysRus I took the kids to Walmart. The whole site was appalling. The store apparently had never closed so everyone had there carts packed and were just waiting for the prices to kick in so they could leave. I heard some people say they had been there since 5!!!

I couldn't find the item I went there for so I going home and putting the kids to sleep. The walmart black Fridays didn't kick in until midnight west coast time so I stayed up until 3am. Snagged my Leapster 2 for $25, regular price $59.99. This is Baby A's Hanukkah gift for this year.

I'm a big fan of the Leapster 2. It seems a perfect learning item and fun too. I can't wait to see the new things Baby A learns. You can track their progress which is what made me chose the Leapster 2 over the vtech version. I really want to know the progress and have activities to focus on activities he is learning. Hopefully the progress goes well :)

Mr. Right scored some awesome black friday deals online also. I can't share my deals I found for him on here since he reads my blog. Soon though ;)

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