Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our baby girls awesome gift!

Check out this beautiful doll crib
and the matching doll high chair...

I'm in LOVE!!!!

My parents were wanting some ideas on what would be a great gift for our little girls upcoming 1st birthday. I found these on Amazon for an amazing price! While we all agreed she is probably a little to young to fully appreciate and play with the set it is something over the years she'll use more and more.
The plan was that they would get the high chair and for the holidays we would get her the crib set (yup the bedding is all included). My parents being the crazy grandparents they are decided to get both now for her. Charlotte sure is one spoiled little girl.
The best part is that it matches up with our daughter furniture in her room! We're all about woods matching. I love funky fabrics and things on the wall to make things more fun but beautiful furniture is a huge must for us.
I can't get over how pretty the whole set is. I think we'll both having playing with these for years to come (ha!).

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