Sunday, February 27, 2011

$13.77 finds!!!

I went to my new favorite thrift store and scored some amazing finds!!! All toys and stuffed animals were 50% off!!! I was all on board when I found that out. Game on for Robin

I was so excited to find this beach tent. Last year when Charlie was a newborn I was wishing for one of these. Turns out they go for around $30 and just couldn't find one at a price we could afford. This meant much less time at the beach for us. I can't wait til this spring/summer!!! I got this baby for $4!

The diaper bag with accessories was only $1 with the sale price. The doll, rainforest ball drop, baby einstein color octopus, infantino rabbit, leap frog telophonics, tonka bulldozer.

Spy that little pink bear? I had one similiar when I was little and my first birthday photos were with my bear. We're doing the same photo and poses for Charlie in the same dress! So excited :)

The doll stroller and doll were only $3 together at the sale price!!!!

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