Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Curb Appeal

Our first house had gorgeous curb appeal. Rose bush by the big living room window, green bushes that stayed green year round sprouting daffodils four times a year. This giant tree that would have hot pink flowers 9 months out of the year. It was gorgeous. So you can say this time we fell in love with the house not the yard. Lol

Our weed haven is all ours though and we can't wait to transform it.

First things first was to rake up the yard, the garden beds and prune the over grown flowers in the back.

What you see above is 5 leaf bags and 1 trash bag full of garden bed debris. Yuck. I went over this a few days later yielding 2 more big leaf bags of gunk.

Justin went to Lowe's and bought Irish Cypress. They according to him do not get large but I figured if they do we can always replant them in the back. I had already bought two hydrangea bushes and a bag of wild flowers that is supposed to cover 1000 sq ft according to the bag. We planted those along the front by the door and I gave the side covered in ugly bushes a good dosing of wild flower seed.

Justin laid down all the top soil and surprised me with walkway lights. Those had been on my shopping list so one less thing for me to decide and brownie points to the hubby. :-)

We still need to get a welcome mat, a wreath on the door and hang my welcome sign my Mom passed down to me.

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