Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter and enjoying the festivities while remembering Christ died for our sins today! The littles woke up with squeals of delight this morning finding that the Easter bunny had made his way by!
We do have really cute baskets but they are locked in the attic, unreachable at the moment, so I improvised with $1 pails from my Mom. The ears are also from my Mom, every Easter I take a photo of the kids with them on. The candies consisted of organic gummies and organic suckers found at Home Goods. I also found there a juggling set for Jake and a handmade harmonica for Charlotte. The bubbles were originally from Aldi. Funny enough the chalk is from drive through happy meals from somewhere lol We spent the morning reading the bible. In the afternoon we headed to friends for a lovely dinner. The food was absolutely divine!

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