Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Day 2014

I hope everyone had a great New Years yesterday! We rang in at midnight being asleep. A little one not feeling well will do that to you in conjunction of a friend canceling plans we had. Next Year, we plan to have reservations for one of the hotspots downtown and really enjoy the night although we did enjoy sleeping ;)

Our day was filled with blankets, pillows, nerf guns and reminders of our cups runneth over. I love my boys and girl so much! We rented Turbo and it was a fantastic kids movie that had us all laughing.

For dinner, my husband cooked a delicious Kentucky ham! We made mash potatoes, cajun rice and blackeyes, homemade applesauce. Dessert was a yummy peach pie.

I can hardly wait for all the things in store for us this year. My baby will be turning 4! My husband will officially be a medic and so many more surprises are in store :)

Happy New Year y'all!!!

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