Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting to the Good Part is Always Tough

Today Justin and I went crabbing with kiddos. Jake had an absolute blast. The intial plan was to go fishing but after the water was assualted with pinecones thanks to Jake, we settled in on some good crabbing. Charlie spent the day cuddled up with Mommy in her swanky Baby Bjorn, checking out all the tadpoles and crabs.

The bites we're not that great but we had fun sitting around on the dock waiting for the turkey neck nets to tug. We caught all in all, 4 crabs worth keeping. We let many little guys go. The plan is to give them time to grow and nab them later.

Here is a picture of our "catch"

We brought these guys home and cooked them up. The hard part was cracking up all the little pieces. Just like in life the hard work always has big payoffs. Its funny how things always work out that.

The crab meat was amazing!!! Hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday

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