Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse

This morning has been a great one. I finally watched Twilight: Eclipse. The movie didn't disappoint in the slightest. Or perhaps I should say Edward didn't (yes I am Team Edward). The battle scenese made it much more interesting for Mr. Right to watch with me. To his credit, Mr. Right has dutifully watched the other two films with me and bought them the day they are released on DVD. He truly is Mr. Right for many reason :)

What I really liked in Eclipse was the how they portrayed the growing friction between Edward and Jacob. While I absolutely love the first two movies, I felt the friction could have been a little more obvious in New Moon. There is nothing like a good drama strung,love triangle. At least in books and films...

Another sweet surprise was Jasper's sudden Texan accent. I never detected it in the other films but when he was recounting his story to Bella about his past, there it was. When he called Alice "Ma’am", it made heart go pitter patter for a moment. Mr. Right is such a gentleman to me like Jasper is to Alice. Few men are like that in these times and I am so grateful to have nabbed one to have all to myself.

If you have yet to go see Eclipse, I highly recommend it. Hopefully you will be able to get your husband to go with you. Show him the trailer with the fight scenes of vampires and werewolves if he needs some coaxing. Then just cuddle up with a bag of popcorn and enjoy.

Mr. Right just brought home some yummy coffee and is cooking up breakfast right now. Hope everyone has a blissful day!

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