Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Family Photos

I'm so excited. The kids and me snagged an awesome deal with some great photography. I always am checking out our local yardsale site, they have all sorts of amazing deals and the good ones go quick.

I paid only $15 for family photos! Thats right only $15 and I'll be getting a cd to print as many photos as I like. This is a great deal. The photographer, Amanda Lee Photography, was wanting to expand her portfolio so she was offering a great deal. I was able to get a few family shots, the kids solo and together and halloween pics!

Below is our photo preview. We love it so much!

Sweet Baby A is almost 3 and Baby B just turned 8 months. She is finally wearing size 2 shoes. I know the precious tiny feet! Baby A came out wearing size 2 shoes and was in size 4/5 at 8 months. Baby A is potty trained (officially accident free) and wearing his big underpants with no accidents.

I'm going to be printing some off and sending them to Mr. Right.

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