Friday, October 22, 2010

Progress so far!

Well it has been a couple weeks since Mr. Right left now. Things are slowly getting settled into a new groove.

On the bill front I have made some huge progress. Our electric bill has been cut by 60%!!!! Our water bill has gone down some mainly due to not washing all those cammies everyday. We're working on getting our cell phone bill lowered. Our plan will be up soon and we're going to be looking at other providers to suit our needs. Most of our friends pay only $100 or less for their couple plans. Its embaressing how much more we have been paying especially since we don't have a cool iphone or something similiar.

Things are looking up and the babies are adjusting. Baby B threw a tantrum for 48hrs after her Daddy left. She had never been without Daddy since she was born and did not like it one bit. Baby A is our little trooper. He kisses Daddy's photo every night. It's so cute because he tells him to be say, that he loves him, and night, night.

We're so proud of you, baby!

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