Friday, October 15, 2010

The Home Front

I'm proud to announce no one has died of sugar overdose and the dogs have been fed. It's been a wild couple days getting used to all the adjustments.

So far savings are looking good. I have only spent cash on paying the electric bill. My focus is to save as much as possible from this deployment. We really want to upgrade to 4bd home with a shed/workshop in the back for Mr. Right to do all of his projects. To do this we'll need at least 20k plus whatever our house sells for. Right now we have no idea of where we would like to move to. I'm really pushing for North because I miss the snow and he is pulling for as South as possible.

We plan on accomplishing this by spending virtually no money minus what bills cost and whatever Mr. Right needs to buy while in country. I'll be doing some reselling to clear out the clutter we have. This will also make moving much easier. We're doing small holidays. Only one gift for Hanukkah and one gift for Christmas.

Since Mr. Right has left I have been burning up with an itch to do some home repairs. His leaving was really unexpected from the time we thought we had needless to say, I am left with a kitchen with all the cabinets off and 7 month old and an almost 3yr old. Yikes!

Some projects I would like to do are
1. The Cabinets (any Mum out there is nodding yes)
2. Tile in the bathroom/laundry room space
3. Quarter round that has been waiting over a year to be put down
4. Touch up painting

I am torn as to what to do with the cabinets. I'm debating doing them all white with bead board accents to match the front of the island or staining all the cabinets a warm mahoghany color. Either way we are going to be putting down a dark speckly top. I'd love to do granite but we can't afford that. I'll be checking out some local Habitat for Humanities before making my ultimate decision.

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