Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 4 Thankfulness: Teachers

My son has a speech disability. We are lucky it is only conversational but I am beyond thankful for his wonderful speech teacher at school!

Last year in Kindergarten, his classroom teacher had to pretty much use other kids to decode what he was saying. My kid talks a mile a minute and his disability has him omit sounds and letters to just keep on talking. No idea where he gets his talkative ways ;)

This year has been much smoother sailing. I'm so happy the school offers a speech teacher free of charge. We couldn't afford one when he was little and his doctors all thought he would just out grow it and not to worry too much. My boy is one smart cookie and it's nice hearing he gets to show off his smarts rather than be behind because of his conversational disability.

Thank you to all the Speech Teachers out there!

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