Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 9 Thankfulness: Health

I am thankful for our health!
This year my husband has been injured by his own fault and Murphy Law a few times. His wrist when he was in school, his ankle, and his most recent on when a ladder, a square chair and him all fought. Main thing though is HE IS HEALTHY.
Our kids are HEALTHY. So many parents wish to write that about their little ones. I know I did with Nora. I am so grateful to be blessed with two very healthy kids.
I am HEALTHY. I went through a unexpected miscarriage but I am healthy. My daughter went to heaven but I am thankful God saw fit to have me stay with my two other kids. They need their Mom! I am working on eating better, working out more and being more active in everything I do. I have a long ways to go and my metabolism is terrible but it will be sorted out.

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