Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

For some reason this past weekend and this weekend garage sales were scarce. I eneded up on base and found killer scores.

Justin's older sister introduced me to some gorgeous baby clothing. I was hooked from the embroidery and beautiful design. Well I managed to find some in Charlie's size all for $5!!! The two halloween costumes I bought for re-sale but the dresses are mine, I mean Charlie's until she outgrows them.

Brand were little lindsey, nanette, goodlad of philadelphia, and some others. While I loved all the name brands and pretty frills, I could not resist the cute pink and white oshkosh coveralls.

The next garage sale was filled with more great deals. I bought believe it or not all these clothes for only $3. Everything is by New York & Co.

The shorts alone retail for $34.95 each brand new....

Some is for me to wear, lately I've realized almost everything I own has paint spots on it somewhere :)

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