Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday Garage Saling

We hit up a great garage sale on Sunday. Since Justin was in the hospital Saturday, he still had the itch to garage sale with me on Sunday. I thought he was crazy but he persisted (not that it took that much).

I looked at our local sale website and BAM! The perfect garage sale! The people stated that they had too much stuff from buying some storage rooms at auction and that things would be cheap because nothing held sentiment value. The winning words were MILITARY GEAR. :)

Well it turns out there really was not that much gear to be had. We did manage a few HUGE scores!

Now in the next two photos keep in mind that I only spent $30 on EVERYTHING. That right all of it. Talk about not caring and really just wanting things gone.

There were Aqualung Blade II flippers w/quick release, boots and goggles. I look up the prices on these items. The flippers sell for around $140, the goggles $60, and the boots $95. I can't wait to see how they do.

We also have a leather Duckhead purse, Janie & Jack baby clothes, Children's Place skirt, Rare Editions dress, and a Bitty Baby dress.

The next photo has a GG&G attachment w/sling, 3 under armour shirts, a brand new huge admin pouch, a pelican memory card case, a coach dust bag, nike airforce 1 baby shoes, another sling, Dark Knight Dvd, Baby Einstein Dvd.

Can you believe all of that for only $30!!!!!!! The pouch alone sells for $30 brand new. We also bougth two other movies from them, Ladykillers and The Untouchables. Jake had already long ran off with them before I could get them in the photo.

Alot of these things Jutstin will be using for work but man it is going to save us some big bucks.

We dropped by the local flea market on the way home. It was so over priced and the quality of most things were poor. I think after coming from a garage sale like the one we were at made it even worse lol.

I did find this pretty number for Charlie. A NWT Bonnie Jean Dress. My Mum is in love with Scottie Dogs and this reminded me so much of her. At $2, I couldn't pass it up.

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