Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last night was so chaotic. Things took a turn for the worst. Mr. Right was more than just sick. It turned out like the symptoms for appendicitis that I had looked up last night. We went to the hospital, it was confirmed and he went straight in for surgery.

Thankfully the wonderful doctor got him in just in time. The kids and me took him home this afternoon and everyone has been sleeping since we got home.

It's days like this that make me appreciate our family so much. The kids are so sweet and well behaved. While we waited for Daddy to be allowed to come home we drove around base. Right across the street from the hospital is the Senior enlisted base housing so the babies and me had to do some garage saling!

Baby A picked out a huge stack of books and he gave them $3 and a big smile. I love that he is so into reading. He got right back in his car seat and read through his books the rest of the ride. Dinosaur books of course :)

The next garage sale I found a Boppy brand pillow w/pea pod cover and a new Jenny Jump Up. She had them both marked for $2 a piece and took $3 for the both.

Last garage sale I picked up a Fisher Price Polar Coaster and Princess See and Say. I think the see and say will make a great first birthday for Charlie. It was $3 for the both. I guess 3 was my lucky number today ;)

After that I was out of cash and Justin was ready to be picked up. Things couldn't have been timed more perfectly :)

Trash to Treasure will be on tomorrow, right now I just want to go curl up with Mr. Right.


  1. You rock at your trashy finds. I'm always glad when stay-at-home mom makes some extra cash. Thanks for visiting When you are going to try EBay?

  2. Thank you! I love your website. I've been debating Ebay. I just need to take the plunge one of these days. Thank you for visiting :)