Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Comes to an End

Vacation has been great with the hubs home. We had a great time with family visiting and bonus we were able to do alot of home repairs/upgrades before and after they left.

When I say I usually mean Justin. He does most of the repairs but me nagging along the way to make sure it gets done counts for something right? ;)

One of my favorites is the shelves he built. We got the wood for free off the side of the road. Removed all the old nails and the corkboard was already in our garage when we bought the place. No what use to be in a huge mound is now all organized with a place even for Jake's outdoor toys and bikes. Yes, he has two. One is too big for him right now so it is hanging up and the other is a trike on the floor.

Here's Before

Here's After

Another big one was this crack we had in the wall. It has been there since we moved in over 2yrs ago. Never got bigger, just stayed the same with its big ugly prescense. When I changed the color in living room, I decided to paint around it in hopes that the uglier it was the sooner it would get done. It did... :)

Have I mentioned how perfect Justin is?

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