Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dumpster Finds

So this is the dumpster finds trash nights this week. In my favorite diving spot trash is picked up on Sunday nights, then near by me it is picked up on Monday nights. I am all about my trash!

I found many little baby shoes that looked as if they had never been worn, nike, air jordan, ralph lauren, and some brand called Maui Island. Yes, you spy a pair of Coach shoes in there. :) A tigeroo jumper, a playskool push and ride, a nerf gun, a fisher price construction set, a playboy purse, a canteen holder, a flashlight, a flower pillow and in the bag was an assortment of Fast Food toys. They looked like they ate out alot.

The next photo has a shower curtain in new condition, a full desert digi set w/both the hat and pants still in great shape. A pair of Rue 21 shorts, again in like new condition. A Charlotte Russe top.

My exciting find was this baby though

Who on earth would through an excellent looking Nine West bag? It looks like it has never been used. Hello dear friend, I'm glad I saved you from trash pile. You deserve a better a life.

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