Monday, January 7, 2013

Front Porch Living

Moving into our new house this past March, I had no idea how much we use our front porch!
Nearly every Saturday and various times throughout the week we have neighbors come over for porch time. We talk neighborhood gossip, what is going on in our lives and just enjoy the company. Porch sitting is actually how we have met several of our neighbors. They would see us sitting out there enjoying a drink and stop by to chat. What's crazy was many of our neighbors have lived here 5+ yrs and never spoken until we introduced them to each other. Our new neighborhood has turned into a small community for us and I just love that. It feels like we are meant to be here. Right now we have two black rocking chairs I found at Walmart clearance for $25 a piece. The table between them actually goes with the two green chairs we have pushed together for a make shift bench. I can't tell y'all how much I love the Lounge pillows on the chairs. I found the this past summer at Hobby Lobby. We get complimented on them often. I like that the chunky lettering can be made out from the street. I see those pillows being on matching chaise loungers once we get the back porch sorted out.
We plan to hunt down the perfect porch swing this summer to replace our chair/bench. As well as a outdoor rug to serve as a large welcome mat.
One of my favorite things though is to use the pitcher that belonged to my husband's grandma. It looks so elegant when it is filled up with sweet tea on a hot day.

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