Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great Nightmare

Does anyone else have awkward walls or at least one? Our house has several uneven walls or awkward little nooks. Made the house look gorgeous on the empty walk through when we bought but the design a nightmare.
This wall for instance is 16ft tall and 12ft wide give or take a few inches with a vent that starts about a foot in on the bottom and is 18 inches long. SWEET! Lol
The french doors open to the patio, the small opening next to them is a micro hallway into the master. Other end the wall is a taller opening that leads to two random rooms and extra bathroom. Exactly opposite of the hallway to the two rooms is the stairs to the second level.
I'm really at a loss on design. I favor open floor plans and having a sectional in this tall and long room would close off several openings. I've tried having the furniture at different angles or facing opposite each other and it annoys me. I can't handle the furniture covering part of the stair rails. Call me weird, I don't mind but it is a huge pet peeve of mine. Having the sofa all the on this large back wall would make it way to far for us to enjoy our subtitle movies not to mention the remote is to far away from the t.v. then. Standing and walking halfway to the t.v. to use the remote the horror! ;) Did I mention that we have a corner fireplace?
Oh yea we do with a wide off center opening to the kitchen.
I truly love this space but I need to kick up the functional aspect of it. I am saving up babysitting money for a dark brown leather set and I'm not attached to anything in the room. Honey does want the t.v. to stay over the mantle just mounted a tad higher. I'd love to have a blown up picture of each of the kids in the frames on either side of the french doors. So what do y'all think of this nightmare of a room. Thoughts? Ideas?


  1. I love your house. Totally Jealous. Definitely a leather sectional would be awesome. You an amazing place. Love your style!!!

  2. Thanks Jenna! I was inspired in the middle of the night Saturday about what to finally do. Now just to shop ;)