Friday, January 11, 2013

Monogramming and Sales

Garnet Hill has been having an awesome after Christmas sale! I found a backpack and lunch box for a fraction of what they originally cost. Backpack $44.95 down to $14.00 and matching lunch box for $8, markdown from $18.00
Being a girl who loves monogramming I sprung for the added touch. I was going to put Jacob on the backpack but when I asked Jake if wanted Jacob or Jake, he asked for Jake because he didn't want to be in trouble at school. Ha! We only call him Jacob when he is in trouble or when we have to be stern. Honey and me thought his reasoning was hilarious so Jake it is for school.
I also love that his backpack has clips on the front so it will not only cover his name but help keep the lunchbox hopefully from not getting lost. Wrapped the pair up and now we just wait til August so Jake can unwrap his first school backpack :)

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