Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm definetley a type A personality this can lead to procrastination when things are not turning out perfect. We moved into our home in March, threw some cheap $100 for the lot furniture in the living room and called it good. After trying for months to make a really workable layout so I could progress from onward I figured it out. Our main goals were to have as much seating as possible while still keeping as open as a floor plan as possible. I hate closed off sectionals. *****Please squint hard and visualize with me.
This long wall will house a extra long sofa with a chaise on one end. Squint hard! I pushed the coffee table to act has a chaise. I'll be looking for a piece shorter by about a foot to eighteen inches.
I being a weirdo measured the deep that the current sofa bulges from the door frame into the kitchen. Here's to hoping for a slender, comfy, extra long, cushy dream of a sofa comes my way.
You've probably noticed the little cutie in my pictures. I feel so grateful to watch this little 7wk old. She is such a sweet baby and so cute!
Squinting again we can see a leather recliner. I'm not sure if the sofa will be leather but the recliner will be for sure. The back wall will have a huge console similar to this.
I found it on Joss and Main marked down to a crying $1700. It's by Hooker furniture and gorgeous. It checks off every category: sexy legs that do not obstruct the huge floor vent, lots of storage, a whopper of a size (105inches!), and stunning. Sadly not in my budget but I'm on the hunt down here and will DIY something if I need to.
The art work above the back wall console will be a DIY. I was looking at the new Ballards Design magazine that came in and fell in love with these maps. They make the over all scheme a bit more manly. The honey approves. At $289 a piece though these will definitely be a DIY project. I love the warm hues they give. Well that's it for now. I just had to log the inspiration before I lose it. :) One Last shot from entryway so you can see how open it will be. LOVE IT!

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